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Deconstruction of Multiplied Garments


This project unlike any other, challenged me in a way that I haven’t been challenged before. Deconstruction of ready-made garments hasn’t been something that I’ve thought about before and to deconstruct three similar garments!!! I worked with three blazers for this project, but I experimented with a denim jacket, knitted pull-over and a blazer at first to see the possibilities. It was a really enjoyable process, having to re-imagine the garments into something they weren’t made for. The the pieces were marked, cut apart and put back together to be sure that the shape can be retained when made. A collection line-up was then made using the drapes as an inspiration flowing through the pieces from day to night. Experience is the best teacher; and that is what the project has afforded me. To experience the transitioning of the garments through several stages.


Femi Ajose