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ISEGUN(meaning victory) is an ode to the advancing mind and defiant spirit of the new world; inspired by the modern-day Nigerian; strong-willed, unrelenting, unprejudiced; An impeding force against tyranny.

Everyone has a war to fight, some within and for some, an extension that stands between them and the life they crave for. Although these wars vary from person to person, from feelings of insecurity, crumbling self-esteem, a loss, depression, life decisions, and so on, but one must face their demon rather than wish it wasn’t there. Just because we fall one time doesn’t mean we can’t get up and let our light shine. The greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fell.

It is a very dynamic collection that exudes and embodies the drive found in a fighter that goes against the grain. The one that rises after a fall; despite falling apart, the one that strives to elevate and rise above, navigates through their nemesis with attitude and luminous energy.

Each piece in the basket is a reflection of their emotions, moods, and experiences which were represented through strong looks created with neutral colors, moods, shapes, and contrasting waves of line designs to give a feeling of triumph and lightness to the garments.

Batik is a major ingredient in this collection utilizing locally spun Funtua cotton, and wool; which underlines the brand preservation and dedication, with particular attention to sustainability, ethical practices and its attendant effect on the contemporary society and as well as deliver a modern glamour and timeless sophistication.


Femi Ajose